Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here we go Rockies, Here we go...!!

World Series, game one in Boston today. I'm already excited. I'm eating my sunflower seeds and imagining what a great series it is going to be.

I like the Colorado Rockies. First of all, they're pretty close in proximity to me. Second of all, I remember when their team was started, around the same time that Denver International Airport was opened.

I was mad when they beat the Padres with the run in from Matt Holliday. He didn't even touch home plate!! There was an overhead camera angle that showed it pretty clearly. But I forgave him. He has been playing so well, he makes it look easy.

I'm also excited for Todd Helton (first base) because he has been in the majors for a long time, yet hadn't been in the playoffs until this season.

The Rockies are young, fresh and excited. Boston is a good team (wow, how they came back to beat the Indians! NICE!), but they're arrogant. They get careless and have to work hard to make up for it.

This is going to be a GREAT series! The Rockies have won 21 of their past 22 games. They swept the Padres, the Phillies, and the Diamondbacks in the post season. It's been an incredible run for them.


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