Friday, July 20, 2007

A Bit of a Rant:

Do you blog about getting poor customer service? Before doing so, do you make sure that you have done your part to ensure a good, effective purchasing experience? Do you read the terms and conditions of usage?

The hard part about my job is the customers, hands down. As a business we do make mistakes, and sometimes the system doesn't make things work fluidly. We realize this and we do what we can to make up for it (and correct the error). But that is, by far, the minority of experiences.

People who cannot be satisfied should either do things themselves, or stick with the businesses that they are used to using. They should by no means "give it a try" if following their explicit instructions will not provide (at the least) satisfactory results.

Just so you know.


Sideon said...

I've always wondered what the customer service folks for Good Vibrations sound like :)

Just one of many said...

I HATE customer service!! It doesn't exist anymore! I bought a 3 grand mattress and it took 3 weeks to get delivered after my delivery date! I bitched and got a 100 dollar gift certificate, but who is going to pay my 200 dollar massage therapist bill!! I slept on a blow up for 3 weeks waiting for my new mattress!

Bishop Rick said...


A blow-up what?

aerin said...

Hey - I have definitely experienced poor customer service. Cashiers talking on their cell phone. Waiting in line forever only to find out you need to be in another line.

On the other hand - there are two types of people that make it more difficult to get (or give) customer service.

One I remember when I was still waiting tables at a steakhouse. They finished their t-bone steak and then claimed it was "too pink" next to the bone (expecting to get a free steak). Others seem to sense that if they throw a fit, they will get what they want, because they have in the past. Some corp. actually encourage this by customer is always right policies (which really don't support those of us who try to understand things from the employee point of view, who try to be honest).
The other type of person (there are others, obviously) is just having a bad day or just wants to get angry. Maybe someone cut them off in traffic. Maybe someone close to them passed away or they know someone suffering from illness. Maybe last time they were in the store they had a bad experience. Who knows. But they seem to try and take it out on the poor customer service people - (MO) because they are there.

Thanks for writing this - btw. It is important to remember that we have just as much responsibility for our own actions - for what we decide to pursue.